Conference – Svitlana Zaluzhna bio

Before the attempt of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, I was a social entrepreneur. For many years, I was a principal of a private school, experimenting with the best world-known educational approaches and innovative practices, and then in 2020, I fully shifted into the field of family development. In 2020 started a family social business aimed at the development and preservation of the Ukrainian family and humane parenting called ЗОРЕЛОВИ. Family programs in Ukraine were conducted for more than 300 families from 6 countries. I hold a business degree from MIM-Kyiv and a degree in humanities. Areas of expertise include...

Conference programme

We are thrilled to unveil our initial lineup of speakers at conference, DETAILED SCHEDULE. Morning Block Nataliia Styrnik and Kateryna Shevelko – “Language Studio”Oksana Paraskeva – “Sweet Code: Ukrainian Digital Dessert Atelier”Olha Sereda – “Agency”Liza Nagorniak – “Business Plan of ‘The Roast’ Coffee House”Liubov ZharovaKoniul HasanovaMaryna Bystrova Afternoon Block Eva Rakovská – “How to Launch Your IT Startup”Anastasiia Dronova – “Online store for the production of original and home textiles from linen and hemp”Liliia Prokopovych – “From Ukraine to Slovakia”Kseniia Kondratiuk: Legal and accounting outsourcingNadia Chernousova: Dance classes (Argentine tango) in BudapestEsther Fridman: Plant services in Marketplace

Upcoming conference

The conference will be held on 30th of October, 2023 starting at 10:00 AM till 3:00 PM. Please register HERE. CONFERENCE PROGRAMME. We are thrilled to invite you to the Grand Finale of our empowering project, “Strengthening Women’s Entrepreneurial Capacity” supported by Visegrad Fund This conference marks the culmination of our collective journey towards fostering entrepreneurship among Ukraine replaced women, and we would be honored to have your presence grace this momentous occasion. At this inspiring event, we will showcase the impressive achievements of our program participants. Through our comprehensive course, they have developed and refined their business ideas and...

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