Conference programme

We are thrilled to unveil our initial lineup of speakers at conference, DETAILED SCHEDULE.

Morning Block

Nataliia Styrnik and Kateryna Shevelko – “Language Studio”
Oksana Paraskeva – “Sweet Code: Ukrainian Digital Dessert Atelier”
Olha Sereda – “Agency”
Liza Nagorniak – “Business Plan of ‘The Roast’ Coffee House”
Liubov Zharova
Koniul Hasanova
Maryna Bystrova

Afternoon Block

Eva Rakovská – “How to Launch Your IT Startup”
Anastasiia Dronova – “Online store for the production of original and home textiles from linen and hemp”
Liliia Prokopovych – “From Ukraine to Slovakia”
Kseniia Kondratiuk: Legal and accounting outsourcing
Nadia Chernousova: Dance classes (Argentine tango) in Budapest
Esther Fridman: Plant services in Marketplace